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⚫️ CHANGE IS GOOD ⚫️ We have some serious changes coming in the next few weeks, so to keep it as easy as possible from our end we have closed the website while everything is being implemented. What changes I hear you ask? ∆ We have just taken delivery of our brand new cutting machine yayyyy 🙌🏼 however now we need to learn how to use it to its full potential which is going to take a bit. ∆ Bringing everything in-house we have been able to review all of our pricing, which is brilliant news for you guys. A superior product at an exceptional price has always been our aim. ∆ Our new logo, yep we have had a mini facelift and I have to admit she is very pretty. ∆ A brand new website, yep brand spanking new that we can’t wait to launch. So now you can see why we have decided to close down our current site, while we shine up the new one and bring you a store and pricing that is 100% sure to please 😀 Set your reminders for the 1st of March, this relaunch is going to be epic… In the mean time we will still be checking emails and messages so keep in touch and if there is anything you want to see added to the store, reach out, we love hearing feedback!

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